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Camp for orphans

In the last year we have delivered tons of rice to numerous orphanages struggling, as well as providing other food supplies. Many of the 1000+ children in these 24 homes, also received school clothes and supplies, bath towels, encouraging programs and more.

Thank you to our donors and the volunteer teams from the U.K. and Singapore. The teams did a wonderful job, and together we have been able to help many children. 


Finances are still tight here, but we thank God for such good blessings in key areas of need, and His faithfulness every month.

To Support Orphan's Hope

Picture from August Camp
Sunset at OH Camp in Ukraine
Sunset from  Orphan's  Hope Ukraine camp on Black Sea. It was a special time. OHU staff Olesya noted; " God gave such wonderful gifts as this every single day."

- Thank you so much for your prayers and generocity!

- See Orphan's Hope 2011 picture albums.
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Orphan's Hope is celebrating over 14 years as an organization.  Thank you for the privledge of partnering with you, to care for many dear children who have lost their parents! We desparately need help and are praying.    

Over 2000 children and youth attended camps at Garden Home during April.  

We had great teams from Wesleyan High School and Malone College working with OH in Ukraine.  

Transition Home in Ukraine
New orphans have moved in and are enjoying life in our new home in Ukraine.

As we are able, we are glad to have completed our new OH Youth Center and office in Simferopol Ukraine. 

Thank you to new and existing donors for support which has provided for urgent needs in many orphanages this year.

The joy of getting food when hungry

The orphanage above had been without food for a week. Staff members wept and the children cheered when they saw the Orphan’s Hope truck arrive with fruit, veggies, rice, beans, and meat. We see such needs regularly and can only meet with friends like you.

We helped over 1000 Myanmar Orphans Go to School last year and help is needed again soon!
Only $20 provided school entry fees for the year, a school book bag, umbrella, exercise books, and pencils! Funds are needed again by the end of May.
Click to donate for school fees

God Bless You for Your Kindness to Orphans
Who Need You
Thank you very much, to our supporters, for all your kindness and care for the children. Many orphans will have food and a loving home thanks to you! 
Thank You! From Orphan's Hope Staff and Children

Myanmar Christmas Programs provided 1500 orphans with gifts and much needed items. Over 500 children had a Christmas meal and celebration at Garden Home.

Anna Orphanage (below)
Happy kids at Christmas

Every day Orphan's Hope is meeting the critical needs of orphans in poverty.

Canadians - Donations to Orphan's Hope are tax-deductible for Canadian friends as well. See address on
the "Contact Us" page.

Kids Enjoying OH Camp
Kids Enjoying OH Camp

Myanmar Relief
We have put new roofs on orphanages, delivered tons of rice, taken in new children needing a home, and made many repairs. We have faithful staff doing a great job.

A New Roof Needed for Orphanage

Joy of a Orphan to be Loved
Living in an orphanage with
so many kids is a hard life.
The love of OH staff has
proven to make a difference.

Little Natasha with
OH Ukraine Staff Olesya

Teens in Ukraine Transition Program Going to University

Congratulations to the teens from our orphan mentoring program in Ukraine, on graduating High School and on now attending University! (Some after having only a fifth grade education when they left the orphanage).

House at Garden Home

Orphans are happy to get
their own cupboard for clothes.
GH Kids are doing great.

Playground built
by team from Australia

Our Garden Home model is a great success. 60+ dairy cows provide milk every morning for the children, plus help meet key needs. Fish, geese and chickens provide meat and eggs. We have planted thousands of pineapple, mango and papaya trees, sweet potatoes, among over 1000 fruit trees, a seedling nursery, and enough rice harvested to feed all the GH orphans for the year!  ________________________

- We have orphans who never would have dreamed of going to University, now able to go thanks to our donors supporting our transition program for teens.
- OH lawyers in Ukraine have secured education funds, housing, and documentation key to orphans rights and future.
- Older youth mentored up through OHU programs are leading younger orphans.


- Planting made for record harvest to help orphanages.
- Over 1000+ children helped with school fees, clothes, and supplies.
- Electricity installed at a number of orphanages.
- Hundreds of sets of clothes made by teens girls in our sewing program, for orphans
in struggling orphanages.
- Orphans are receiving medical exams, treatment and inoculations.

Garden Home
Garden Home
Photos Link


Orphans at Garden Home
Orphans at
Garden Home

Pineapple Planted at GH

Planted at GH.

75 acre farm
for orphans


5 OH Staff focused
on large orphanage in Ukraine with 320 children



Planting Fruit Trees
Most orphans
are not getting
fruit and meat
even once a month.
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Compassion for Orphans

830 million orphans and undernourished people will go to bed hungry tonight, even though we have enough to feed us all. In this amazing yet fleeting gift life; we are blessed so we can care for others who are struggling, not just to have more. We see many orphaned children who are hurting and need friends like you to care. Would you join us?

Your choice can bring hope and comfort to a orphans who are genuinely struggling. You can  give them a home with love, and a future with promise. For an orphan with no one in the world, your kindness, in the decision to help, makes all the difference.  

Join Orphan’s Hope in
Transforming Children’s Lives:

  • Relief & Meeting Critical Needs
  • International Teams, Summer Camps, Medical Care
  • Education Scholarships, Mentoring/Discipleship
  • Transformation/Building Projects
  • Self-sustaining Long Term Solutions
  • Life Skills & Character Development Training
  • Computer Classes, Micro Enterprise
  • Orphan & Orphanage Sponsorship

Every week orphanages around the world
contact us, struggling to feed the children
in their care.  Can you help us care for them?
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Orphan's Hope Ukraine Flash Presentation
(some points outdated but still very good)


Please Help Us.
We especially need monthly donors

Orphan's Hope is a recognized U.S. public charity, tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1)of the Internal Revenue Code.
All donations are tax deductible
to the extent of the law. Tax ID: 20-0052012


Jesus said; "I was hungry and you fed me. ... Truly... you have (or have not) done it unto me.
Matthew 25

Orphan's Hope
Volunteer Team

U.S. and UK Team
March 201

Summer Camps
July & Aug.

Individuals can go from 2 weeks to
longer term.

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Needed Supplies

OH bringing orphans
food supplies...

Sewing Program
With 10 sewing machines and supplies, we are training teen orphan girls the skills for having their own business, while producing school clothes for orphanages in need.

Cows sponsored
giving orphans milk.


New Homes
for Orphans
Friends in the U.S. and internationally have enabled Orphan's Hope each year to buy land, improve orphanages or build new housing.

 - Food and other critical relief continues to be distributed on a regular basis.


Thank You
Orphan's Hope!

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