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Children's Garden Home
for Orphans

Founding Sponsor - Jeanie O'Shaughnessy

Dear Friends,

We keep making good progress and are thankful for your help in making Garden Home a wonderful place for orphans in Myanmar.

Pictures from Feb. '08 Visit

The Garden Home is on a beautiful twenty seven acres, nicely situated on a river, with gardens, many fruit trees, nice play areas, ponds, and more. We have dedicated Garden Home to be just for children who have no mother and father, and no place to go. 

We have made good progress in further developing Garden Home, and making it a model with self-sustaining resources. Most orphanages in the country have poor nutrition, little place for the children to play, and struggle for basic needs. Garden Home however is a blessed home in many ways. Our children are healthy, doing well in school (with the three top students in their school), have many nutritional resources, loving staff, and a good place for their home. At harvest times, GH also has food to share with homes that are struggling.

Thanks to the kindness of donors like you, in 2007 we completed a second home for twenty orphans, improved the main road, added a new staff house, improved gardens and agricultural development, planted more fruit trees, and added needed furnishings.

In 2008 we have made further progress, with more children added and many improvements in the grounds such as expanding the fish ponds, adding a bigger water tower and more. We also hosted more children from other orphanages, for numerous programs throughout the year.

Garden Home now has over 25 dairy cows and fifty goats. Children can have milk every morning, which no other orphanage we know of has. The rice harvests from the land can provide enough for the children and staff for the year.

A bamboo cooking house was built, and Dec. '08 we just received funds to build a permanent separate cooking kitchen and store house which will cost $3500.  The current kitchen which is part of the dinning hall, is used for serving and preparation, but a separate cooking area is needed which can use wood fire.

This has been a turbulent past year in Myanmar with political unrest and significant inflation, but our children and staff are all safe and doing well.

There are many important things still to do at GH. We appreciate your support to give orphans a future they could never otherwise have.

Monthly sponsors are needed.
Please join us in developing GH further.

To donate easily and safely in two steps just Click Here
or mail checks to the Orphan's Hope office address on the left.

Thank you very much for your support!

Top Current Needs (Updated Dec. 29, 2008)

  • Monthly Sponsors - Providing a home for double orphans, with
    love, food, clothes, educational resources, and a future with hope. It also helps cover important areas such as special medical needs as they arise, staff salaries, facilities upkeep, etc.
    (Total Needed $1500/mo.)

  • Beds & Key Furnishings needed for 2nd House
    for new children arriving.
    Donated! - 5 Bunk Beds & Bedding ($800)
    Donated! - 10 Double Door Clothing Cupboards ($1400)
    Need - Living room set, study/family table, bookshelves. ($900)
    Need - Living room area carpet  ($130)


  • Donated in '08! - A pickup truck for moving children and supplies This is a biggest need for OH in Myanmar.

  • Donated in '08! - Irrigation system and supplies for gardens and fields. Pipes, pumps, sprinklers.... will help increase production

  • In the future...Education Center with tutoring/class room, library,
    study/computer stations, reading veranda overlooking river, etc.
    Dec. '08 we just received a pledge of approximately $25,000
    towards building this new two story building with education center on lower level and girls accommodations on upper level. This meets half the need. Donors are need for second floor.

  • ...or designate "as needed most".

When you donate online you can select give monthly,
or at the "check out" page you can add a note to
designate for a particular need.

New: Garden Home Photo Gallery



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