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...There are many wonderful orphans
just waiting for a family

We see tens of thousands of orphans  who hope for the love of a family more than anything in the world. So many would be wonderful sons and daughters, and yet most are never adopted. So many then come to tragic ends. We see so many brokenhearted kids who just need someone to love and help them. If only someone would take them, it would transform their lives. 

God has a great compassion for orphans, and so should we. The Bible says that God is a Father to the fatherless and that He "sets the lonely in families". To adopt an orphan to become your own child, is one of the most beautiful, and loving things one can do.

Change in Orphan's Hope Adoption Program

We have a big heart for orphans in Ukraine. Our President adopted a boy from Ukraine in 2008 and we have had the privilege of helping other families to adopt also. 

In the midst of the financial challenges we are no longer helping families directly on the U.S. side with the adoption process, but we will continue to widely encourage families to give these dear children a home.

We highly recommend All God's Children International based in Portland Oregon.
They do a great job in helping families adopt from a number of countries. Check out the following video on Youtube with pictures from Orphan's Hope everyday work in caring for Ukraine Orphans


Families That Adopted
With Orphan's Hope

Click For:
A Cinderella Adoption

by Michelle Cichon,
adoptive mother

"We would not hesitate to recommend Orphan's Hope to anyone that is being lead to adopt in the Ukraine. Our thanks to their staff, without your help we wouldn't have met the children God intended for us. We are the proud parents of three precious girls, ages 12, 12, and 6."  
Craig and Marcie Schmidt - Adopted 
3 daughters Jan.'07


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