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Send Supplies for Ukraine Orphans

Containers Leaving Weekly

Volunteers Needed - Individuals and Teams In Your City

Orphans in Ukraine greatly needed clothes, shoes, toiletries, toys and more.  You can help us by collecting and shipping boxes of supplies. Mobilize your friends to help these needy kids!

People love to help orphans when they realize the tremendous needs of these beautiful but struggling kids, who commonly have holes in their shoes, lack clothes for winter, don't have a toothbrush, or the most basic things. Everyone can do something to help, and you can know you are making a difference for a child who needs love and care. Orphan's Hope staff are working daily in the orphanages and insure items get to kids most in need.

What is Needed: Especially shoes, good clothes, crafts, toys and games, and more.
                           New and gently used items only please.

Where to Get: Collect at school, church, garage sales, group gatherings. Purchase, ask families with kids outgrowing clothes, or those who can spare toys for kids who have none, ask suppliers or stores you know for donations, and more.

100% Tax-Deductible: Both shipping and donated items are  tax-deductible* and receipt will be issued to you for clothes, supplies, the costs of shipping, and any added donation. According to IRS regulations, clothes and supplies are issued a "gift in kind" receipt where you declare the value. Cash donations are issued normal receipt for the US$ amount.

Here is the Process:  
You send the supplies to Orphan's Hope in Washington State and we forward to Ukraine.

  1. Collect items needed for kids.

  2. Obtain box(s).  Approximate size should be 22x13x13 or about 48 liner inches.

  3. Print one copy of your completed Shipping Form (<- Click Link) for each box,
    in which you include a count and general list of items you are enclosing.
    (Need only put general description, ie. # shoes, # pieces of used clothing, # of toys, etc.)

  4. A Check is needed for Shipping from U.S. to Ukraine (written to Orphan's Hope ),
    so, Weigh and Calculate please,
    COST: $21 for first 29 lbs. & 70 cents a lb. after that.

  5. Send box, form, and check together by cheapest means to
    our Orphan's Hope in Washington for shipping to Ukraine.

    Additional funds for orphans' needs are welcome.
    Monthly supporters for Ukraine work are especially needed right now.

    Mail to:
    Orphan's Hope
    160 Prospect St.
    Leavenworth, WA 98826


    Any Questions? - Email or call us at 1-952-941-1546


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