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Help Orphans in Asia - Myanmar

We are providing thousands of meals to hungry orphans, getting orphans into school,  building and improving orphanages, meeting critical need for children's health, drilling wells for clean water, setting up self-sustaining agricultural projects, giving teenage orphans vocational skills, and much more.

These are beautiful children, without parents to love and care for them, who are often hungry and struggle for their most basic needs. We need people like you to help us make a difference in their lives. We are able to do tremendous things for the money, in saving and transforming these orphans’ lives . Where children have been suffering months and even dying  for lack of a few dollars medicine, Orphan’s Hope is providing care and saving lives.

Where hundreds of children were not able to go to grade school because they lacked few dollars, Orphan's Hope has been getting them into school, with supplies, and school uniforms. Where orphans rarely get fruit, we have planted excellent fruit trees and helped them start vegetable gardens. Where many were cold, in need of

blankets, we bought for only US$ 5. Now they are warm. Where children were rarely getting meat and protein we have helped them start a chicken or fish farms that have been successful in meeting both critical and long term needs.

Myanmar Background:
Myanmar is a beautiful and fascinating Southeast Asian country with friendly people. Over the years of working here we have come to have a great love and respect for the Myanmar people. We have welcomed hundreds of people from around the world to lend a helping hand in needs related to children, orphans, and education.

 Staff and Volunteers

Orphan’s Hope Myanmar currently has 25 full-time staff, and many volunteers and organizations who help us throughout the year. We have a very faithful and dedicated National Director. We also have international teams and individuals who come every year,  meeting needs through hands on projects, children’s programs, medical care, building assistance, and more.


                80 Blankets for Cold Orphans


    Food Distribution with Tim Barber and Steve Cassidy

Areas of Work in Myanmar:

The reality is that every day there are hungry orphans within our reach in Asia, but we don’t have the funds to help them.

One orphanage Director told us this last year that he has had to turn away over 90 orphans because they had no way to care for them.


Donate Here for Myanmar:  Key Projects or Assorted Orphans' Needs

Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering becoming an Orphan’s Hope Partner.

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