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Exodus Project - with Vision for Transition Homes
for Teenage Orphans

The most critical stage of an orphan’s life in the Ukraine, (where the statistics are so tragic), are at the ages of 15 to 18, just after they have left the orphanages. Statistics on orphans during this time of their lives have shown an estimated 70% of the boys end up in crime, 60% of girls in prostitution, and over 10% commit suicide. They are extremely vulnerable, alone, and unprepared for life in the world. When Steve Cassidy, Orphan’s Hope President, visited a vocational school in the winter, the orphans were living in conditions with no heat in below zero weather, no shower or bath facilities, no lights in halls or toilets, and very bad moral conditions. Such situations are not uncommon.

Orphan’s Hope has opened transition homes for these young people who have left the government orphanage system. The OH homes provide a quality environment with love, mentoring/discipleship, warm housing, hot showers, healthy food, life skills development, training in subjects like computers and English, while they attend a technical school. The difference such homes can have in the lives of these orphans, is like night and day, in giving them a spiritual foundation and skills to build their lives on.

We wee a significant difference in the lives of teens in our program. Some who left the government orphanages at age 15 with a fifth grade education, will be going to university to this year! Something they never could have dreamed of without our Orphan's Hope programs. For orphans who have no one to help them, there is nothing like having someone who really cares about you, taking time one to one, and help fill in so many gaps from life in an orphanage. We love helping these young people find God's way, where He can smile on a life redeemed and being lived well. With you our partners, we are making all the difference in world for some of these young people.

Help Needed:
So many kids need our help and we can do a lot for the money. Please help us give these young people a brighter future.


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