Orphan’s Hope is 100% dedicated to the compelling needs of Orphans in poverty and transforming their lives.

While we provide relief for urgent needs, Orphan’s Hope is committed to bringing lasting solutions that care for the children’s physical, educational, and spiritual needs, in a way that gives them hope and a future. Orphan’s Hope is now celebrating over 18 years caring for children without parents. We are grateful for your partnership and need your help to care for these dear children!

850 million orphans and undernourished people will go to bed hungry tonight, even though we have enough to feed us all. In this amazing yet fleeting gift of life, we are blessed so we can care for others such as orphans, and not just have more. We see many orphaned children before us who are in very great need of friends like you. Almost every day we have orphanage directors urgently calling us because don’t have food. Please join us.

Your choice can bring hope and comfort to orphans who are genuinely struggling. You can give them a home with love, and a future with promise. For an orphan with no one to take them in, your kindness and decision to help, can make all the difference.


Our Garden Home orphanage model has been a great success and now we have 75 double orphans.  Throughout the year we help approximately 1500 orphans in 36 orphanages with everything from food relief, housing improvements, school needs, a big Christmas celebration, and more.   On our 70 acre farm, just 10 minutes from GH we are raising 120,000 fish, 7,000 chickens that provide meat and eggs for the children. We have over 1000 fruit trees, including mango trees, papaya trees, bananas, and much more. We also produce tons of sweet potatoes and enough rice harvested to feed all the GH orphans for the year and help other orphanages in need!

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The Ukraine has been a great place of ministry for us over the years.  Due to Putin’s taking over Crimea however we have had to move to work in the Kiev region. There the ministry is growing again and having an impact with children in the orphanages, orphaned youth who have graduated, and in helping crisis families at risk of loosing their children to the orphanages. Orphans and house parents in our transition home are doing well. Thank you to new and existing donors for your support in providing for important needs in many ways, and enabling the work Orphan’s Hope to continue in Ukraine.

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OH Ukraine Team at Mayak Orphanage near Kiev

For Orphans like these who need a home it means a lot for our staff to come and care about them and spend time together. We have worked with children in Ukraine orphanages for over 18 years. You can feel God’s love flowing through you to bless and encourage them.

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Food Relief

A huge warmhearted thanks to generous donors! There has been a big crisis in numerous orphanages this year that have been in urgent need of food. As OH, we have been trying our best to give what we have, but it is not possible for us to feed everyone. Through your support, we distributed food….

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Ukraine Summer Camp 2019

When we think of summer, we think of camps ! A time filed with new stories, friendships, laughter and lots of joy. This year we are celebrating our fifteenth camping season that we have been conducting for kids from orphanages and social orphans. We had a very blessed time with a lot of wonderful kids!….

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We Need You!

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Orphan’s Hope is a recognized U.S. public charity, tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1)of the Internal Revenue Code.All donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law. Tax ID: 20-0052012

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