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Danil Koroluk

Danik is a 12 year old who has been with us three years now.
When we first started working with him, Danik had big issues
with obedience, self-control, bad habits, lack of attention and
upbringing. He is a social orphan with no father and a mother
who has not really been there for him. Today we are noticing big
changes in Danik’s behavior, trust and obedience due to the hard
work that OHU has done during these last three years. Danik now goes to our
church, he takes on responsibilities. This summer Danik had
an opportunity to go to our church youth camp where he was
engaged in the organization of the camp. He was in charge of
electronics and lighting. From a very young age, Danik has
always been curious about physics, electronics and IT. The
boy has a very big interest putting together boomboxes,
outlets and anything he can lay his hands on. Danik is a very
talented kid with lots of potential and we believe that under
the right guidance and mentoring, Danik has a great chance
for a brighter future.