Thank you to our supporters! You are a wonderful blessing in a time of great need. Orphanages have been out of food or only having rice porridge. Thanks to God and you we were able to deliver over 75 tons of food in the last four weeks. In addition to food relief we have also delivered thousands of eggs (500 per orphanage) and 250 Kg. fish from our farm.

When we think of summer, we think of camps ! A time filed with new stories, friendships, laughter and lots of joy. This year we are celebrating our fifteenth camping season that we have been conducting for kids from orphanages and social orphans.

Pasha’s computer club has successfully finished learning basic web layouts and started the course on how to create websites. The kids are super excited because they instantly see results. These children want to make their vocation in the IT sphere and that is why we additionally tutor them in mathematics.

A huge warmhearted thanks to generous donors!
There has been a big crisis in numerous orphanages this year that have been in urgent need of food. As OH, we have been trying our best to give what we have, but it is not possible for us to feed everyone.

What could be better than fresh air, blue sky, close friends and warm talks near the fire. OHU Yacht Camp project 2018 has been held this summer. During this time, 14 kids from crisis families will learn to cook, put up tents, operate a yacht, support each other and win together.

Help Orphan's Hope develop our home for orphans struggling in Myanmar. We have a beautiful 30 acres on a river, which is a wonderful place for children to grow up. It has gardens, groves of fruit trees, nice play areas for the children, and plenty of room to develop.

We delivered food relief to numerous orphanages, held programs and games for the children, did landscaping and more. We welcome teams and individuals to come to either Myanmar or Ukraine to participate.  It is a great life changing experience to see the work first hand.

Our dear friends from ROLC Church in Singapore have been a big blessing to the children and staff for many years. They usually send three or four teams a year and have a generous kind heart for our orphans. A big thank you to them.