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Through out the world we have seen how the funds you give can so significantly change the lives of struggling orphans.Orphan's Hope is always connecting you with compelling projects and opportunities that can forever change these children's lives.

Matching Truck Donation: We have a matching donation towards buying a truck for the farm. It will enable us to take 6000+ eggs directly to market, cutting out the middle man, increasing profits and giving jobs to older orphans needing work. We currently have $5000 pledged and only $6000 to go. It is a great opportunity.







Our top project is to build a new two story house in Myanmar that can accommodate 36 new orphans.
We need $150,000 and have half pledged with about $75,000 still needed.


Monthly Support for Budget

We need to strengthen our monthly support base which provides for meeting critical needs such as daily food, clothes, education, staff working with the children, and more.

This one story design is similar to the existing houses at Garden Home
 Please email us if you would like to help us build a new home for orphans in Asia like this. Email:Info@OrphansHope.org or call +1-952-941-1546. You can give orphans a wonderful home that will carry on for many years, giving them hope and a future.