Through out the world we have seen how the funds you give can so significantly change the lives of struggling orphans. Orphan’s Hope is always connecting you with compelling projects and opportunities that can forever change these children’s lives.

We reached our reached our goal to build! Our top project has been to build a new house that can accommodate 32 new orphans and two sets of house parents. We have needed $160,000 total to build the new house. Please see updated drawing to the right. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this important project. It is a lasting legacy that will provide care for orphans for many years.

People are welcome to donate now for beds, blankets, mosquito nets, cupboards, desks, chairs, and other furnishings.

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Projects Bringing Real Transformation and Lasting Results

The vision of Orphan’s Hope is to see results of eternal value together, and see significant outcomes with the money you give. Orphan’s Hope is committed to make a life-changing difference, where orphans are suffering and in need of the “Hope” we have found in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Can you help us?

Our #1 project now is two build a two story building. On the ground floor we will have accommodation for 16 orphans and house parents (making more of a family unit). On the second floor would also provide a home for 16 orphans plus house parents.

The vision for Orphan’s Hope was born when Steve Cassidy was working in Asia coordinating preparations for the charity ship M/V Doulos. There were many orphans struggling in a hard life, malnourished and not knowing where their next meal would come from. He saw beautiful children suffering for months and even dying for lack of two dollars in medicine.

God gave Steve a vision for making a significant transformation at one such orphanage so there could be physically and spiritually healthy children with well-watered gardens and fruit trees, a freshwater well, thousands of fish in a pond for food, new facilities vital for children’s health, and more. In the following months, the vision became a beautiful reality. People were mobilized in planting mango trees and lime trees, which were only fifty cents each, but would produce fruit for years. A freshwater well was drilled for $200, farm supplies purchased and vegetable gardens planted. Bath and toilet facilities were built for the children. The pond was turned into a thriving fish farm. The fingerling fish that were bought multiplied, and a year later were almost as big as someone’s arm. It’s a  transformation that continues today.

We started our Orphan’s Hope Garden Home orphanage with a big vision in faith, just for children who had lost both parents. We prayed knowing that God is generous in giving wisdom to those ask for it and that if we committed our way to Him,  He promised to direct our paths. Today it is better than we even imagined thanks to God. It is probably the best model in the country. Just at the right time God provided the Garden Home peninsula for a very good price. Also our Three Harvest Farm is an excellent land on a big canal for an amazing price, that we have developed to be abundantly fruitful.  God has really allowed our donors to do very significant things with a maximum use of their funds… as we always strive for!

Monthly Support for Budget

We need to strengthen our monthly support base which provides for meeting critical needs such as daily food, clothes, education, staff working with the children, and more.

Please email us if you would like to help us build a new home for orphans in Asia like this. or call +1-612-270-8878. You can give orphans a wonderful home that will carry on for many years, giving them hope and a future.